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Underwater Karimun Jawa ;)

Time to post my newest photo from my journey in Karimun Jawa Islands. :D
Enjoy it!
Ooops, don't forget to visit! ;)

Locations :
1. Menjangan Kecil, Karimun Jawa Islands
2. Cemoro Kecil, Karimun Jawa Islands
3. Gosong, Karimun Jawa Islands
4. Tanjung Gelam, Karimun Jawa Islands

All of those place can reach by the boat. :)

"Karimun Jawa, the real Sea World"

Talking With Turtle :D

Hey Turtle, Lets's Dance Together :D

Go Swim, Go......

Down, go Down Side dear Turtle ;)

Corals and Fish. Perfect!

Feeding Fish. They were hungry. Hehehe. 

Hello! ;)

"Fish : Oh, i'm gonna have a photo shoot. See my lips"

Aren't they beautiful? (The Corals)

Fish, Coral, Friends :D

UUUU I wanna see u.

Rock Swim Style. Hehehe. Or Whale?

Grraaaahhh!! I'm a Sea Monster!


Aah, They're stunningly beautiful :*

Hey Beautiful Corals :*

Watch This! Coraallllssss :*

Swim Swim Swim

See you :D

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